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Permanent and Temporary Staffing

We provide permanent staffing solutions for all roles across IT Industry. We specialised in high quality professional recruitment in IT industries.

Our team is well qualified and trained to hunt the right talent in shortest possible time. We ensure to deliver right candidate for the right job in right time.

Temporary to Permanent Staffing

Relationships work well by allowing both employee and employer to benefit from a trial period prior to the consummation of a full time hire. The contract evaluation period often calms uneasiness and allows for faster initial on-boarding, thus preventing important company initiatives from falling behind while the company waits to find the perfect candidate.

Background Verification

This helps in avoiding a wrong hire. We do verification’s like address verification, educational certificates, employment verification and professional references.

Staff Agumentation

We provide highly qualified and technically skilled personnel for your projects from our base at affordable price on immediate basis to achieve your short term technology goals. We Guarantee adherence to schedules and time tables. Ensures excellence and successful outcome.